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Welcome to the Support section of SendBlaster, email markteing software. Here you will find articles and tutorials that will help you to start your email marketing campaign, manage contact lists and sending options, and tips to avoid spam. The solution to your problems is just a click away!



Permission based list

Discover how to create a contact list of valid and authorized addresses.

Importing lists

Import your list of accounts from the most popular formats and softwares.

Managing lists

Learn how to manage your addresses list: editing contacts, bounce-backs and subscriptions.

Newsletter creation

Create your HTML message: adding images, formatting content, or applying a template.

Video tutorials

See our video tutorials about software usage and newsletter management.

SMTP and sending

Set sending preferences, insert SMTP sever's data and fix any problem about sending.

Spam issues

Discover rules and tips to avoid the risk of being labeled as a spammer.

Email tracking

Check out how to analyze the data of your newsletter campaign with advanced tools.


A short list of tips and tutorials to enhance your newsletter in a few clicks.

Error trapping

Solve the most common errors and problems that may occur using SendBlaster.




l buought sendblaster

Hi, l bought sendblaster today and put my key everything is fine but when you click to load ti will bring a error saying 3343 un recognised database format . please help

Error 3343

This error means that database files are physically corrupted, due to the software having been stopped abruptly while writing on them (i.e. after a power failure, hardware reset, hard disk failure, etc)

Please try using the following tool in order to try repairing them:

Arabic language

Hi .. I try your program but it not support Arabic so can I use it to send Arabic emails . thanks

Arabic language

Hi, please open Windows Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, and make sure that:

1) in "Format" tab, the format for numbers and dates is set to your language - not to English or any other language

2) In "Advanced" (WinXP) or "Administrative" (Vista, Win7) tab, the "Language for non-Unicode programs" is set to your language. Changing this will require re-starting your PC.

Finally, when you compose your message, please prefer a character set having "(windows)" in its name.

activation code

how ca i have the registration code to continue for free as you propse after 7 days?

activation code

Simply fill out the form in this page 

Thank you

registration does not work

Hi, I do not get an email after registering (http://www.sendblaster.com/nl/register/?lang=nl&step=3&errcode=3). The url does contain an errcode, but the page content does not say anything about an error. Regards, Joost Breed

registration email

Don't worry about the error code. If you get the page saying that your registration is completed you should receive an email with the license almost instantly. If you do not receive it, please check the spam folder or try with a different email account.

Error 30005

I get error 30005 when I try to download subscribe/unsubscribe requests. I am using Pro version 2

Error 30005

Make sure you entered the correct pop3 service port (not the smtp one), usually this port is 110.

Text formatting problem

Hi, I have pasted some coloured text from MS Word into the editor pane and then followed this with more black text pasted from MS Word. it looks fine in the editor pane but is all coloured in the email preview. I can highlight and change the text colour in the editor pane but whatever colour I change it to, it still appears as the original colour in the email preview. Please advise how I can change the text colour. Thank you Martin

HTML editors

Hi Martin, we strongly do not recommend that you create an email message using a text imported from MS Word. It is much better to craft it using an HTML editor (for example Adobe Dreamweaver or Kompozer). Your code would be clean and with no formatting issues (some skills in HTML are required).

Upgrade or full version

We purchase SendBlaster Pro in 2007, Order 64846. But we not use and his product at moment not installed. If we need SendBlaster pro 3 then we must pay 99 eur or 59 eur? Best regards, Peeter Trutsi PT Mikro Ltd, Estonia

Upgrade to SendBlaster Pro 3

You just need to purchase the Upgrade. 

Destination SMTP server rejected the sender.

Hi, I am on test customer and I was in trail but when i tried to send a couple of mails to my self but log says like.. "Destination SMTP server rejected the sender." Tried various way to clear this problem but does not work... Any help would be appreciated. Henry

SMTP error

That message comes from your smtp service and is usually related to an authentication issue or service limitation. Please contact your smtp service provider and ask them about the exact reason of the problem, and how to solve it.

Destination SMTP server does not want to receive message body

Hi, I am using send blaster with my SMTP server, Once i start sending, the first few emails get deliver but then I get this message "Destination SMTP server does not want to receive message body" Please suggest

Error message

In order to understand the problem we need a screenshot of the SMTP settings (Send window), and a copy of the SendBlaster sending Log. Simply open a support ticket and attach them. 


Hi we are looking for a bulk email service. Can you please help with these questions? Does it come with a Free SMTP Server? Does it have any free HTML Templates? How much does it cost? Can we get fully Customizable Web Form? Does it have a Bulk Email Verifier? Will it give us Accurate Statistics of your Email Delivery Rate, Open Rate and CTR Rate? Any other features.


Hi, here are our answers.

1. It comes with a free trial of turboSMTP, 2. There are over 100 free templates in the Free version, over 250 in the Pro version, 3. Pro version costs $129,00 4. Yes, you can find some cutomizable sign up forms in the Support section, 5. No, sorry. 6. Sure, you can get all those data simply implementing TrackReports tracking in your outgoing mails. It's free.



New User

Please advise us about below points. 1. Cost of the software 2. The way of payment method (Monthly/Annually/Life time) 3. How many campaigns can operate in one time? 4. How many Email ID can include in a list? 5. Do we need to purchase a domain or are you providing a domain by yourself to us? And Who will set the domain? 6. How many Emails can send per hour? 7. How can we get support for issues of software? Please let us know below details.

newbies questions

Thanks for your questions.

1. Pro version costs 129 USD (single license)
2. One-time payment (no monthly fees)
3. One campaign at a time
4. Unlimited
5. No, you can use any domain you own
6. It depends on many factors (email size, smtp server maximum speed, etc..)
7. We offer technical support by email to all our Pro users (lifetime)


sending to in box

hi , im wondering how can i use senblaster to send large emails for marketing !!! are the e mails going to in box or as a junk mail ? should i have my web site to send mails ? thank you

Reach the inbox

Hi, sure, with SendBlaster you can manage large email lists. 
The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on several factors, e,g. the SMTP server you will use (It should be reliable and guarantee high delivery rates) and your messages (they should be spam-proof).
It's highly recommended to send emails associated with a personal domain.

vertical alignment

Hi wanted to ask a question please. When i create my add in sandblaster everything is in alignment, when I do a test mail to different mail accounts hotmail, aol, sbcglobal.net my add is not in vertical alignment anymore.. 25% of my add is messed up, s there a way to fix this delivery trouble? thank you..

HTML emails

Hi, that happens because your HTML email is not formatted properly. Here you can find some rules that you should follow in order to create a well formatted email. If you prefer, you can use one of the templates included in SendBlaster (they are tested across all popular email clients) or request a custom template.


Looking for more Holiday Templates, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...can't find them on your site.

Email templates

Please check our blog at blog.sendblaster.com.
We periodically publish new templates designed for all holidays and seasons. 

My IP is blocked and can't reach to the list of recipients

I bought Pro 3 today... and tried out to reach 20K list of email recipients. However, I couldn't even reach to a single person since I got this message that - my IP of the computer is being blocked. How can I skip this problem and continue to use this product ? Otherwise... I have to cancel out this purchasement... which I am very reluctant to do so.... Hope to hear the way to hit the problem around... Thanks tons !

Dedicated SMTP service

We suggest that you use a dedicated SMTP service. This way you should be able to send your emails without that kind of issues. There are many goood SMTP services around, for example, try turboSMTP (you will bypass your IP restrictions and enjoy higher deliverability rates).

One time cost???

On your site you keep saying "Purchase Sendblaster Pro for a ONE TIME COST" but you charge for upgrades to new versions. My question is what does the "ONE TIME COST" actually over? I ask this because everytime I have purchased software for a "ONCE ONLY COST" it was for LIFETIME upgrades also but it seems that yours does not include this so what does this "ONE TIME COST" actually include.

SendBlaster Upgrades

There are no recurring fees (no monthly charges) but only a one-time charge that covers all updates within the same version number (ex. from 3.x to 3.y). All these updates are unlimited and free.


I bought sendblaster several years ago. I have lost my Reg# and would like a copy so I can use the new version


Please open a support ticket including all details regarding your previous purchase (your name, your email address, etc..) 


Version 3

Hello I have been using senblaster Pro for a while. How can I try the new interface of version 3 as a free trial to see if I l like it or not?

Simply download the free

Simply download the free version here. Please note that you do not need to uninstall your current version because it runs side-by-side with it. Just download it, complete the installation process and (optional) follow instructions to import all existing data into SendBlaster 3.

Regarding product demo

I have a few questions regarding the product. 1. How many mails I can send via sendblaster in a month? 2. To how many unique email IDs I can send mails? 3. Delivery report, I wanted to know wheather the mail is delivered or bounced, can I get that report ? I would like to have a full product demo, if it setisfies all my needs or not, if you can provide me 1 week's access to the full features that would be great. Thanks

Unlimited emails

1,2 With SendBlaster Pro you will be able to send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of recipients each month (be sure to check the SMTP sending limits of your SMTP server). 3. That kind of report is usually offered by professional/dedicated SMTP services, like turboSMTP. 

You can download and install the free version. Actually it's more than a demo, since it does not expire. 


I would like to know if there is a way to import fonts from an external source since the list in the softre is quite limited. Thank you very much


Sure, simply install the free plugin called Advanced HTML Editor. It contains a long list of fonts.

How do I upgrade from SendBlaster 2 to SendBlaster 3?

I'm happy SendBlaster 2 customer. But now you've come out with SendBlaster 3. Are all the features marked "new" SendBlaster 3 features? Is there any upgrade path from 2 to 3? Thanks!

Upgrading to SendBlaster 3

Yes, in SendBlaster 3 there are 20+ new features (they are all marked "new" in the Software features page). To upgrade, simply download and install the free version of SendBlaster 3, then purchase upgrade and enter the new license key in SendBlaster 3 to activate the PRO version.

Transferring from Sandblaster 2 to 3

I just recently bough sandblaster 2 and then you came out with the new version 3. How can I transfer all my lists and snapshots to the new version since your version did not have an update tab so I could update from version 2 to version 3 and keep all my files. Can you help? Also is there a way to increase the screen size of the font it looks like its Font size 9?

From SendBlaster 2 to SendBlaster 3

You will be able to automatically transfer all your existing data to SendBlaster 3 during installation.

Yes. To increase font size select "Advanced settings" and activate "Large font". The change will be effective next time you restart the program.



Using CSS in the emails

We are trying to send an email that has css in it. When we preview it the email looks great, but when we send it out the css does not work. Any ideas why. the css is embeded within the html Thanks d

CSS in emails

Using inline CSS is correct but not all CSS properties are accepted. For this reason, try to code your email as simple as possible. As for CSS, make sure that you specify font-family CSS property everytime and always prefer tables to div tags! 

Unsubscribe Problems

Hi, I downloaded a trial version of your program and I am currently experiencing difficulties with Unsubscribe. If you can help me out, I will be purchasing the full version from you guys. I have been sending test emails to my secondary email address but when I click on the link for Unsubscribe, it does not do anything. Why is this? Shouldn't it open a link to say you have successfully Unsubscribe. Thank You

Unsubscribe link

Hi, you should insert it manually by clicking the Unsubscribe icon in the Compose Editor. You can read more about the unsubscribe link here.


Google Analytics

Hi I would like to know, I have created an email as well as signed into my google analytics account. While composing the mail I have added google analytics... Do i have to do anything else to track my links on my email? Regards Sarish

Google Analytics and SendBlaster

Hi Sarish, 
That's all you need to do. After sending your emails you can check Google Analytics results directly into SendBlaster.  You will be able to analyze easily the performance of each link on your email.


I am wondering if there is an easy way to insert tables into a newsletter or campaign? Currently using mailchimp and do not know how to write HTML codes so this is difficult. Thanks.

SendBlaster Plugins

Sure, there is an easy way to insert tables. Simply install the Advanced HTML Editor plugin (you can find instructions and link to install in the software). That (free) plugin will allow you to work easily with tables (and many more functions).

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