SMTP and sending

  • Can I change Smtp port?

    Sure; use servername:port format. As an example, if you want to use “” on port 579, simply enter as your Smtp server address. If no port is specified, default port (25) is used for Smtp connections. Note for SendBlaster users SendBlaster users can enter the port number into a specific “Port” field.

  • How to use SMTP Profiles

    Sometimes those who manage a newsletter might use more than one Internet service provider (ISP). For example, in the workplace you may have two connections to the Internet: a primary and a "backup" one. Furthermore, when travelling you must use a different ISP than the usual. Each provider has different parameters for SMTP configuration, so […]

  • Common SMTP servers config

    Each internet service provider usually offers its own smtp server. Here we show some common SMTP  services setup configurations: Adelphia: Ameritech DSL: Atlantic Broadband: AOL: AT&T: AT&T Broadband: AT&T Global Dialup: AT&T WorldNet: Bellatlantic: Bell Canada: Bellsouth: […]

  • Use direct send or the SMTP server?

    The choice depends, first of all, on the availability of a good SMTP server. If your ISP SMTP server is able to handle a lot of messages in a fast sequence or even sending messages simultaneously, using an SMTP server is faster and more reliable, since your SMTP server is “closer” to your computer than […]

  • Disconnection errors from SMTP server

    When sending bulk emailings using SendBlaster this is a common error message: Disconnected from server Disconnected from server Let’s see some solutions to the “disconnected from server” problem: If part of the email letters were sent Ok, Disconnection error may occur because of too many simultaneous connections to the SMTP server: try lowering […]

  • Sending messages and related problems

    Sending email Messages Common SMTP server details configuration Common disconnection errors troubleshooting In order to send an email message you first need to specify the recipients and the sender. The list of distribution lists (defined in Manage lists) is shown in the Select distribution list field. Select one and the addresses in the list will […]

  • How to configure the SMTP

    Let’s configure the SMTP. Two Email Send settings are available: Use SMTP server Direct send Using SMTP server E-mail sending will take place just the same as a standard e-mail client (Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird). It is necessary to specify the name of the SMTP server and the port number (usually it’s 25). The SSL checkbox […]