About us

Our company is located in Sardinia, Italy, with offices in Milan.

Street address:
eDisplay srl
via Palmanova, 24
20132 Milano – Italy

We started doing business as software developers in the late 90's, soon specializing in Internet marketing tools. We were almost immediately successful: while our brand may be little known around the world (but this is changing fast), it is in fact very well known among web professionals in Italy, where our flagship products, eDisplay e-commerce tools, have been market leaders for years.

Our success is based on two simple ideas:

  • Develop good, solid, and user-friendly software (ideally users should forget manuals; using our software should always be not only productive, but also a pleasant experience)
  • Offer unbeatable support to customers (answer in a couple of hours and always give useful and helpful answers)

While this is quite easy to say, accomplishing these two tasks requires good expertise and long time experience. Our support service has proven so good during these years that some major italian banks have outsourced to us their online services customer support.

When we launched SendBlaster in Italy, we knew we had developed a very good piece of software, but we didn't expect it to be such a huge success as it soon proved to be. Customers were so happy with it that they spread the word and we started receiving orders from abroad. The next, obvious step was to publish it on the worldwide market with localized versions. Once more we received enthusiastic response: orders worldwide have been increasing at a 30% monthly rate in the last few months. This is really the best award we have received in our eight years long company history.

If you never heard of Sardinia before, it's that big island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, known because of its wonderful beaches and because its inhabitants are mostly working as shepherds or computer programmers 🙂

European citizens may also have already heard of Sardinia because it's the homeland of Tiscali, one of the largest ISPs in Europe. Our headquarters are in fact located some minutes away from Tiscali – not the company, but the small iron age village the ISP took the name from 🙂 If you are coming to our island, Tiscali – the original one – is certainly worth a visit.