Resellers may take advantage of bulk email software multiple licenses discount prices: purchasing just 2 copies will get you a discount. Discounts are based on the quantity of the order, click below to find out more about multi licenses prices. 

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Purchasing just 2 copies will get you a discount


Join our affiliate program 

Sign up now and become a SendBlaster affiliate! You will earn 20% commission on all sales generated by your site (which means 20 Euros – roughly 26 USD* – for each copy you sell).

Note: At the moment commissions will be generated by our ststem for payments in Euro only. If the sale is paid in US Dollars, the commission will not be generated.


How does it work 

As an affiliate, you will receive a “special link” that you can place anywhere on your website. Whenever visitors follow that link, they are redirected to our site and a cookie is placed in their browser’s cache: if, within one year, they buy our software and pay it in Euro, you'll be credited 20% of the net price. 

Here are some examples of how much you can earn:

Copies/month   Your monthly income*   Your yearly income*
5   € 100 (~ 130 USD)   € 1.200 (~ 1.560 USD)
20   € 400 (~ 520 USD)   € 4.800 (~ 6.240 USD)
50   € 1.000 (~ 1.300 USD)   € 12.000 (~ 15.600 USD)

*Prices are paid in Euros; USD amounts depend on currency conversion rates