Here we have some screenshots of the main features of our free newsletter software SendBlaster. As you can see, there is no main menu in SendBlaster newsletter software: the user interface has been designed to be very easy to use, and fully intuitive.

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Latest release: 4.3.3 | Release date: 2019/03/18 | Size: 40MB
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  • Home screen
    Home screen

  • Compose message
    Compose message

  • Send message
    Send message

  • Schedule sending
    Schedule sending

  • Message history
    Message history

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

  • TrackReports

  • Blacklist

  • List importation
    List importation

  • List exportation
    List exportation

  • Subscriptions

  • Bounce back
    Bounce back

  • Fields management
    Fields management

  • Advanced setting
    Advanced setting

  • Security

  • Layout editor
    Layout editor

  • Crop & replace
    Crop & replace

  • Check links
    Check links

  • Text snippets
    Text snippets

  • Programmable tags
    Programmable tags

  • Widgets