• Can I change email Pop3 port?

    Sure, this is how to change SendBlaster Pop3 port: servername:port format. As an example, if you want to use “” on port 1000, just enter as your Smtp server address. if no port is specified, default port (110) is used for Pop3 connections

  • SendBlaster license policy

    SendBlaster Pro license key can be used for 1 computer. For 2 or more users you will get a discount staring from 20% (see detailed prices for more information). A license gives the permission to use SendBlaster forever. If you have a SendBlaster 1.x license, you can use your current registration key to upgrade to […]

  • How can I get the right advanced settings?

    To get the right advanced settings it’s necessary to try out different combinations (normally a list with about 10 addresses will suffice) and verify how many messages actually get delivered (this info is given at the end of the sending operation, when it is also possible to check the logs). Users connected to a “tolerant” […]

  • TurboSMTP helps on common smtp troubles

    Having trouble with your SMTP provider? Need to send reliable and timely mailings? turboSMTP can help!   Using a professional SMTP gives this major advantages: Easily and reliably send email from anywhere using any Internet connection Works with any Internet provider, including those who block port 25 (AOL) Simple, one-time setup Variety of plans to […]

  • Advanced hints on better email sending

    If a large part of your email messages are not delivered, chances are they are mistakenly being deleted by anti-spam filters. Here is a list of guidelines you should always follow when creating your email messages. If you’re using HTML emails, always include a text part in the email, for both recipients and anti-spam checkers, […]

  • Sending email Messages

    Common SMTP server details configuration Common disconnection errors troubleshooting In order to send an email message you first need to specify the recipients and the sender. The list of distribution lists (defined in Manage lists) is shown in the Select distribution list field. Select one and the addresses in the list will be used as […]

  • FAQ

    Installing 1. There is no setup.exe; how do I install the software? After downloading the .zip or .rar compressed file, extract sendblaster.msi, which is in Windows Installer format, and double-click it to start the setup process. 2. I double-clicked on sendblaster.msi but nothing happens You may need to install or update Windows Installer from Microsoft’s […]

  • Win Vista – Logging in as an Administrator

    If you have multiple user accounts on your system, log-in as an Administrator user(in the screenshot, taken from Control Panel / User accounts, we can see our system has two users, “John” is an Administrator and “Robert” is a Standard user; we will then login as John) When you launch the setup, make sure you […]

  • Guide for a better e-mail marketing

    You may create your newsletter in several ways: From scratch using the html compose message in Sendblaster Using a Sendblaster template and editing it in order to make it Creating it with any html editor (Sendblaster is able to import html files). Asking your web master to create your own template in html format We […]