Error trapping

  • How many times the newsletter software can be downloaded?

    I have more than one computer I need to put this newsletter program on, how many times can I download? Downloads from newsletter software website are unlimited and always free. Please also note that each SendBlaster License is lifetime, and valid for a single computer / workstation. How do I put my Send Blaster […]

  • DAO libraries missing files error

    From the customer support: I am testing SENDBLASTER at a NOTEBOOK with Microsoft VISTA. It presented an error “Some DAO libraries were not found on your PC. Please download….”. I download, and installed. It did not work. Uninstalled, cleaned registers, made a new sendblaster instalation, rebooted, installed DAO35SETUP againd and I continue receiving same message… […]

  • How do I backup my mailing list data?

      The procedure depends on the release you are using.   SendBlaster 2: SendBlaster 2 keeps your data in the following folder:   MyDocuments\SendBlaster2   You just need to make a backup of this folder   SendBlaster 1: SendBlaster 1 keeps  data in two subfolders:   (program folder)/data (program folder)/history    where (program folder) means […]

  • The license key I received doesn’t work; OK button is grayed

    Every license key is bound to a precise e-mail address; please make sure you are entering the correct e-mail address (the one you used when buying) along with the license key – and of course double check that you are not misspelling any of the two. Please also make sure you are entering the correct […]

  • Database maintenance tool

    Intensively used databases tend to become fragmented and increase in size; a lot of space on the file may still be occupied by deleted records and unneeded data. This is a waste of space on the disk, but – what’s more relevant – it may also negatively impact performance and stability. Some cleanup is periodically […]

  • Win Vista – Turning UAC on

    If you have multiple user accounts on your system, log-in as an Administrator user (in the screenshot, taken from Control Panel / User accounts, we can see our system has two users, "John" is an Administrator and "Robert" is a Standard user; we will then login as John) Press "Start" button then select "Control Panel" […]

  • Troubleshooting network problems

    This tutorial will guide you through how troubleshoot the most common configuration errors (on your Pc or local network) that may prevent SendBlaster (as well as any other group mailing software) from sending any message. It is important to understand that this will help only in those situations when you cannot send even a single […]

  • The “Socket operation on a non-socket” error

    The “Socket operation on a non-socket” error means that, for some reason, the Windows TCP-IP stack has been overloaded, and the socket channel (which is used for communicating with the Internet) has been shut down abruptly. This error may have a lot of causes, which usually require a good network analysis and networking skills in […]

  • SMTP server time out error

    Check out the advice given to one of our customers about a case of SMTP timeout. He kept getting “Server time out” error. His account with the SMTP server was fine, so we suggested some settings for the newsletter software to solve the situation. There can be different reasons for the “server time out” issue: A […]