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What is email marketing?
What are the email marketing best practices today?
Which errors should be avoided? Which strategies to follow?

Email Marketing Now – SendBlaster Edition will allow you to discover how to use correctly email marketing tips to make your business grow.

A simple, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for dummies, full of tips, email marketing resources and practical how to examples.

Inside the ebook you will read about:

  • How to customize the subject line and the content of commercial emails
  • When to send newsletters and how often
  • How to create a quality list
  • How to avoid ending up in the spam folder
  • Learn to analyze email marketing campaigns
Email marketing Now is offered free by SendBlaster - the world's most popular email marketing software, available in free and professional editions. Inside the eBook you will find lots of dossiers that will help you to discover the main features of SendBlaster and to learn how the concepts and best practices can be used in practice with the software.