Newsletter creation

  • Email merge software tutorial for newsletter personalization

    Email merge means sending bulk and personalized email messages . Every email marketer knows that the main thing in sending bulk emails is the email personalization, as well as sending only bulk emails that contain useful information for the mailing list subscribers. Examples of email merge Dear User -> Dear Samantha Hello Customer -> Hello […]

  • How to insert an unsubscribe link in your e-mail

    Never forget: to insert an unsubscribe link in the e-mails that you send out is often mandatory. SendBlaster can manage its distribution lists by downloading email messages from a dedicated e-mail address, different for each list. Each email with the subject “Unsunscribe” received by the Mailing list managing email address will be automatically removed from […]

  • Email personalization using email merge

    The email reading and opening rate can be maximized if your customer sees his name or surname in the subject line. The global impact of your email can be even higher if your use all the email field merge function in our software. You will never send again anonymous mailing lists, you will use your […]

  • Third party template support inside SendBlaster

    If I purchased a template from another vendor or had template created what are the requirements so that it works with SendBlaster? SendBlaster Newsletter software supports and can import and send every .eml template as well as .html webpages. Microsoft Word html can generate some errors, so we suggest html editing with internal SendBlaster Html […]