How to use SMTP Profiles

Sometimes those who manage a newsletter might use more than one Internet service provider (ISP).
For example, in the workplace you may have two connections to the Internet: a primary and a "backup" one. Furthermore, when travelling you must use a different ISP than the usual.
Each provider has different parameters for SMTP configuration, so SendBlaster must be configured differently too, depending on the provider you use.

With SendBlaster it's no longer necessary to configure the SMTP parameters every time you change the ISPs.

With SMTP Profiles you can store different SMTP server configurations and quickly recall them when you need.

In example:

Roberta must send a newsletter using her usual ISP Verizon. Roberta creates a profile that names 'Verizon DSL Profile' and enters all the required parameters: server name, port, username, password, etc..

Roberta's office has a secondary connection with Qwest.
Therefore, in the same way, she creates a secondary profile named 'Qwest DSL Profile'.

Roberta also knows that she will move to Toronto. So she creates the third profile named ' Profile'.

One day Roberta needs to send her newsletter, but Verizon is doing
maintenance work and it's not possible to send the mail. No problem. Roberta will recall parameters stored in the profile named 'Qwest DSL Profile', so she will send her newsletter without loss of time.

Similarly, when Roberta will travel from San Francisco to Toronto with her laptop, she will be able to send her newsletter through our partner recalling with a few clicks all the correct parameters.