How to configure the SMTP

Let’s configure the SMTP. Two Email Send settings are available:

  • Use SMTP server
  • Direct send

Using SMTP server

E-mail sending will take place just the same as a standard e-mail client (Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird).

  • It is necessary to specify the name of the SMTP server and the port number (usually it’s 25).
  • The SSL checkbox enables SSL communication, which may be needed by some SMTP servers (a typical example is Gmail’s SMTP server).
  • In case user authentication is required, select ‘Authentication required’ and specify Username and Password.
  • These parameters are the ones used in your e-mail client software, therefore all you’ll need to do is “copy” them from a working e-mail account.
  • To make sure the SMTP server is reachable just click on the Connection test button.
  • By enabling the ‘Retry with direct send’ in case of error, if the message isn’t accepted by the SMTP server. The software will try to deliver the message directly to the recipient’s e-mail server, by using the Direct send settings.


Direct send

The software looks for each recipient’s e-mail server and automatically connects to it, there by “skipping” the SMTP server – which won’t be needed in the send settings.

  • To perform this search SendBlaster will use the currently selected default connection DNS, but it is also possible (and sometimes needed) to manually set a different DNS, by enabling the option Manually set DNS server and by typing the correct IP address.
  • Keep in mind that certain e-mail domains (for instance, Hotmail) don’t allow direct sends: the message gets rejected if it originates from a desktop system as opposed to a public SMTP server.
  • By enabling the Retry with SMTP in case of error, if the message isn’t accepted by the recipient’s e-mail server, the software will try to deliver the message to the SMTP server, by using the Use SMTP server settings.


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