Disconnection errors from SMTP server

When sending bulk emailings using SendBlaster this is a common error message:

email@server.com: Disconnected from server

mail2@server.com: Disconnected from server

Let’s see some solutions to the “disconnected from server” problem:

  1. If part of the email letters were sent Ok, Disconnection error may occur because of too many simultaneous connections to the SMTP server: try lowering the number of connections: set simultaneous connections to 1Disconnection errors from SMTP server
  2. If you’re on a slow connection, and your email message is big in size, the disconnection error may occur because of a timeout on SendBlaster’s side: try increasing the timeout value (as a test, try with a very long one, i.e. 300secs)
  3. Another possibility is that you enabled Direct Send as a backup method (”use direct send in case of error”), but the recipients’ servers are not allowing that; we suggest that you switch it off.

If this does not help, please contact our email marketing support and give us a log of the mailing (you’ll find it in “History”) and a screenshot of your “Send” form settings.

For other issues related to sending emails, try this guide.