SMTP server time out error

Check out the advice given to one of our customers. He kept getting "Server time out" error. His account with the smtp server was fine, so we suggested some settings for newsletter software to resolve the situation. There maybe different reasons for the "server time out" problem:

  1. A slow-down in the Internet connection (please double check your network settings)
  2. The timeout value is too low (try increasing it, i.e. 300 secs)
  3. You are using too many connections simultaneously (try reducing them)
  4. Antivirus(es) or firewall(s) is\are blocking your outgoing traffic after a while (please check their configuration or try disabling them)
  5. Your ISP may be blocking the port used by SMTP after some traffic (ask them about any policy relating to this problem)
  6. The SMTP server is experiencing technical difficulties (which is unlikely, as the same problem would have been reported by other users)
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