What is email marketing

Among the several ways a marketer can chose to build up a communication strategy, the email stands out as one of the most important ones. But what is email marketing? Very simply put, it’s the promotion of services or products or the spreading of news and events through electronic mail.


What is email marketing                                       How to email marketing


Sure, it could seem an obsolete channel, but it’s not. It’s not at all, in fact: email marketing can still provide excellent returns on a very small investment, especially if compared to traditional advertising or even to social media marketing. Its main virtue is the ability to reach almost immediately a very large number of users, and the chance to segment and target the communication one sends using simple tools of analytics.


Email marketing has only one real enemy: that is, spam. The indiscriminate use of promotional emails and the constant presence of unsolicited messages (which still are more than the 80% of the whole email exchange worldwide) has made people lose a bit of affection for this channel.


That’s why it’s imperative to use only authorized lists of contacts, based on users who can be really interested in the content you propose.