Web Target: a brand new magazine for those who work on the web

Web Target

Web Target is a new magazine about email and web marketing. But more Share  than that: we also report about new technologies, ecology of information, new models of online journalism, and the future of the web in general.
We think that the literacy of internet marketing tools needs a constant refinement, as well as all the practices of online information flow. But more than that. The project wants to spread the idea that best practices are always the smartest choice, both as a marketing technique and as netiquette.

That’s the best way to make a success of your business. With style.

In the  How to do section you will find some educational articles to help you create a good email marketing campaign, along with the newest trends and guidelines.

The Case studies are a bunch of reportages, interviews, critical studies and close examinations: materials to deepen email and online marketing.

Open Target widens the horizon to all which is new and stimulating in the world of the internet: philosophy of the web, SEO strategies, viral communications, models of online journalism etc. etc.

I hope you will enjoy this magazine, and I look forward to reading your comments.

Giorgio Fontana

Editor in Chief