How can I add to SendBlaster new contacts subscriptions?

Emails arrived to your management email, that contain the word “Subscribe” inside the subject field will be automatically added to SendBlaster bulk email software when you hit the button “download subscriptions”


SendBlaster can gather new subscriptions from each email contained in a mailbox if the email has the word “subscribe” into the email subject field. To automatic download new mailing list subscriptions inside SendBlaster Bulk Emailer you will have to set into SendBlaster your Management mailbox. This is called Management Email and will require username and password because SendBlaster will connect to that mailbox and download the email messages. SendBlaster works with every existent mailbox, so the SendBlaster Bulk emailing system is compatible with every email or subscription system that can send an email with a specified subject. For example if you put this code into your webpages the subscriptions arrived to will be added into SendBlaster:


<a href=”” mce_href=””>Sign up</a>

A practical example may help: See our detailed tutorial on automating mailing list subscription You can also add to your website free modules to send subscriptions and gather user’s personal details:

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