I reinstalled SendBlaster after formatting my Hard Disk. The license key is not accepted (the OK button is grayed)

Probably you installed SendBlaster 2 after formatting, but the license key you purchesed is valid on SendBlaster version 1 only.

The licence key of version 1 will not work on SendBlaster 2.


If you bought Sendblaster after July 1 2009 you are elegible to get a FREE upgrade to SendBlaster 2 Pro: https://www.sendblaster.com/freeupgrade/upgrade.htm


Otherwise you may:

1) Continue using SendBlaster 1. You can download it here: https://sendblaster.com/download/sendblaster163.zip

2) Buy the upgrade to version 2 here:

I reinstalled my office computer and because of that also reinstalled my copy of SendBlaster Pro. Now I can’t upgrade the “Free Edition” to a “Pro”. Please help!

You probably registered your copy of SendBlaster and now you’re entering the registration code instead of the license key.

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