Viewing your Google Analytics results

Just click on Google Analytics on the left menu, and access your account.

Google Analytics login

Select "View report" next to your website profile

View profile statistics

You can view the Google Analytics Dashboard. Click on "Traffic sources" on the left

Google Analytics Dashboard

Click on Campaigns, then select a specific campaign, if you are monitoring more than one. In example, we select a campaign named "China".

Email campaign selection

In the screenshot below you have statistics related to the specific email campaign "China". The screenshot shows the overall results from the campaign, but you can also perform a deep analysis on each link on your email.

Google Analytics email campaign

Google Analytics allows setting specific goals (i.e. how many customers clicked on the "buy" button, or how many people downloaded your software).

When you click on the "Goal Conversion" tab, you know the achievement rate of the goals you set.

Google Analytics Goal Conversion

Statistics provided by Google Analytics are extremely powerful and detailed. The screenshots above can't represent all the features of this tool.

To learn more about using Analytics, visit the Help section.

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