Having trouble with your SMTP provider? Need to send reliable and timely mailings? turboSMTP.com can help!

We proudly announce we have partnered with turboSMTP.com, the longest established independent SMTP provider on the Internet, in order to offer you a professional and high quality SMTP service.


The average SMTP service, which usually comes bundled with your Internet connection, is targeted at small e-mail traffic: it’s ok for the average user who sends just a few personal messages a day; but may reveal its limits when you try to use it for serious e-mail marketing:

  • Speed may be limited
  • The server may not accept more than a given number of messages per hour / per day and refuse extra messages
  • No multiple connections may be allowed
  • Too strict antispam automatic filters may be enforced, leading to legitimate messages being refused
  • You can only use it when you’re connected with your provider(you can’t send out if you are away, on a public wi-fi spot, etc


Good e-mail marketing requires a good SMTP service

Chances are a dedicated SMTP service will boost your e-mail marketing effectiveness: you’ll be able to send faster and reach a greater number of recipients.

But we don’t ask you to simply trust our words: we are giving you the exclusive opportunity of testing the service for yourself! A free, limited test account is included with SendBlaster (Free and Pro editions). When we say it’s an exclusive opportunity we really mean it: this opportunity is offered by turboSMTP.com to SendBlaster’s users only!

The test account requires no configuration (not even a registration!) and allows you to send up to 100 messages as a whole. This will let you fully evaluate the service’s performance and see for yourself why so many users chose turboSMTP.com services!

After evaluating the service, if you are satisfied (we are sure you will be) you can choose the professional smtp email plan which best suits your needs.


Now let’s have a closer look at how the free account works and its terms of service:

  • A free limited account for using turboSMTP.com’s dedicated service is included with SendBlaster Free and Pro.
  • The service can be used for legitimate mailings only; unsolicited mailings (aka “spam”) are not tolerated (the account will immediately be terminated).
  • To activate free account you simply run the “turboSMTP.com Wizard” in SendBlaster’s “Send” form. You don’t need to register or configure anything, the Wizard automatically finds the best configuration for your system.
  • The free account allows you to send up to 100 messages at a whole; which means, you can send i.e. 50 today, 50 tomorrow, or all messages at once – until you reach the 100 messages limit. After reaching the limit, the account expires: if you would like to continue using turboSMTP.com service you will have to subscribe a paid SMTP convenient plan on turboSMTP.com.
    Please note that this is a different policy than SendBlaster Free’s own 100 messages limit: SendBlaster Free allows to repeatedly send out mailings (i.e. 100 messages, then another 100 messages, etc); it never expires.
  • You can still use SendBlaster Free or Pro with any other SMTP server after the test account has expired.
  • Finally, to avoid any misunderstanding, we would like to remark that the test account limit, being a separate service, is independent from SendBlaster’s edition: SendBlaster Pro does not come with a full account on turbo SMTP.com.


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