SendBlaster users reviews

Genuine reviews from real users, collected in a recent survey (Dec, 2012).


  • SendBlaster is the easiest to use and most versatile email marketing tool I have ever used. Terrific list management features and great built-in tracking tool for measuring customer usage
    Jim Bone, Epicypher
  • As I was launching a new business I needed an efficient way to spread the word and SendBlaster has been the perfect solution. It is very easy to use, with all the features you could want. Even six months on I am still finding fantastic extra functionality. All in all, highly recommended to anyone wanting to effectively run an organised email campaign
    Michael Foote, Career Camel
  • We were paying a small fortune to send ecasts using our own 22,000 contact database. Creative agency recommended we look at SendBlaster. Have now been using it very successfully for about 18 months. Expecially like Track Reports and the ability to drill down to who’s answered a Call to Action
    Harry Scott, Engineering Technology Group
  • We are a foundation and are very happy with this tool because it helps us staying in contact with all the people who are helping us to help the children from Villa Ticca in Ecuador
    Villa Ticca
  • We have been using SendBlaster for many years now. We send several thousands emails per month with SendBlaster. SendBlaster is a simple and yet complete emailing software. I have studied the market and continue to do so and there is nothing like SendBlaster.
    Renaud Duval,
  • Program with intelligence. Creators thought about almost everything. The program is a vital tool in our business
    Ivan Genov, Director, International Scientific Publications
  • I am a sole proprietor with a small business developing software for children with special needs. I do not have enough budget for advertising, but by using SendBlaster I have been able to contact a network of Occupational Therapists and Special Educators. I have received orders in response to my mailings. I now have some Apps in the App store, and the SendBlaster email has helped to spread the word
    Sue Hossack, OT-care
  • Excellent software! Plus, it’s less expensive – no monthly fees etc., but I still have all the bells and whistles that the online email marketing companies have. Great product. Been using it for years!
    Marcella Ellwood, Florida HOA Members
  • We wanted a away to broadcast to our growing list. It was important to manage Unsubscribes and Bounce Backs so we always had a fresh and up to date list. We have had great success using SendBlaster and it always generates sales!
    Andy Craven, Murder Most Foul
  • SendBlaster does what it says on the tin. Clear, intuitive, effective.
    Keith Johnson,
  • What a joy when I happened on SendBlaster2… a doddle to use, no steep learning curve… I have now recommended it to so many of my pals
    Dec Cluskey, The Serious Writers Guild
  • It’s helping me a lot in my business… Great!
    Dimos Mavropo, Tech Shape
  • We use Sendblaster to communicate with our members, via Newsletters using a template or extra notices. We also use the templates to send special offers to golfers. It’s easy to use, setting up emails and importing data. We’re still impressed after 2 years
    Alison Breton, Forest Hills Golf Club
  • So far it has been working fantastic, great send ratio and open rates
    John Marino, Optimize US
  • It has helped me send information all over the country and internationally, which has resulted in major contacts which will result in sales of over €250,000 in 2013. SendBlaster has been absolutely fantastic, very user friendly, great support service. I am very very grateful to SendBlaster. Thank you all
    Walter Ryan-Purcell, West Cork Campus
  • Outstanding software. This product works like a charm. It is powerful and easy to use. We have been happy with the product for many years
    Jari Laaksonen, Tietotiimiin
  • Since we bought this product it has been the best thing since ‘sliced bread’!
    Sally Appleby, Autometrix Publications
  • We have a large and varied audience, with clients, customers, users, etc., all needing separate messages, information, calls to action, etc. We needed a manageable, graphic way of getting in touch with each group. Since we need to customize for each constituency, we didn’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every time we reached out to a specific user base – we wanted a way to save all our templates and reuse, add to, tweak, etc. We also needed to have a way of actually getting seen in their Inboxes without automatically going into their Junk filter. SendBlaster2 fit all the above criteria. We love how you can continue a send, accurately, if it gets interrupted – something we’ve never been able to do. We have gotten excellent feedback, which assures us that we are reaching all of our audiences. So glad we found SendBlaster2
    Victoria Rogers, University of Cincinnati – Campus Services
  • We are very happy with SendBlaster. We use it to send out our newsletter to our world wide membership based in 89 countries After each edition has been delivered the number of hits to our website goes up many times and remains high for several days. SendBlaster is easy to use and satisfies all of our distribution needs. The Vickers Viscount Network is a virtual museum dedicated to the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount and get over 100,000 visitors each month
    Geoff Blampied, Vickers Viscount Network
  • We have used SendBlaster for a number of years and is reliable, robust, fast and above all easy to use. I would happily recommend businesses to give it a go!
    James Wilson, House Tree
  • You have a fantastic support team, every time I sent a message I got an answer very soon
    Francesc Alguacil, Tag Travelling
  • “For me… perfect!”
    Jean-Claude Hasler, Naranjas Box
  • It’s a very beautiful software
    Vincent Palumbo, Proger
  • “Sendblaster is a fantastic tool because it is simple and fast. I have been using SendBlaster for 4 years and only can say that I recommend it for all little and medium business.”
    Alberto Sancho, Presto Iberica
  • “We run several music festivals, each having several lists associated with them, eg Mail Lists, Traders Lists, Artists Lists etc. Sendblaster makes it quick and easy to manage all these lists and their associated mail outs”
    Rob Thompson, The Acoustic Festival of Britain
  • “SendBlaster is an important tool that helps us keep in touch with all our costumers and give them information about our company”
    Toriz Edgar, Integralarm