SendBlaster Express: free account with TurboSMTP

A free, registration-less test account with TurboSMTP is included with each SendBlaster version; it allows users to send up to 100 emails.

Additionally, SendBlaster Express users can register for a larger free account which allows for sending up to 1000 emails:


Please note that, for security reasons and due to strict antispam policies (which is what guarantees TurboSMTP’s excellent delivery rates), all applications are subject to manual review and approval (or refusal) by TurboSMTP staff (in other words, the approval is not automatic and cannot be guaranteed). After applying for the free account, TurboSMTP staff will contact you back by email and ask you additional information, to be provided through a web form; when you provide that information, don’t forget to mention you are using SendBlaster Express.