Activate SendBlaster Express

In order to activate SendBlaster Express, you need to register your copy using your activation code, a 16-characters code you received with your purchase.

(If you purchased physical media, the activation code is located in your dvd's envelope)

To complete your registration, please fill in and submit the following form:

You need to enter your activation code, your personal details and the email address you want to register your copy to.

Upon submitting the form, you will receive your license key; enter your email and license key in SendBlaster Express and you're done.

Important: Please note that:

  • You cannot reuse the same activation code for different email addresses
  • The license key is bound the email address you used for registering

Therefore, pay attention to the email address you use for registration – double check its spelling and make sure it's valid and working before submitting the form. Activation codes and license keys cannot be reassigned to a different email address in case of errors.