Need to send 10,000 emails at once per day?

An email campaign based on 10.000 emails at a time per day is already a very consistent one: it means that you managed to collect a good database of legitimate users, and that your product or service is very popular.

Need to send over 100.000 emails at once per day?

That is why we recommend to choose SendBlaster Pro: with a one-off payment you’ll get an advanced tool that will make it easy both to craft and send your newsletters and manage your customer list.

Plus, you will have more than 100 free, ready-made email templates crafted by designers and a statistics service to keep track of all email opens, clicks and bounces (complete with a Google Analytics integration). A technical support service by email is also included.

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It must be also underlined that such a large quantity of emails at once should be sent only via a professional SMTP server. In fact, if you rely on a common outgoing server (like the ones provided by Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo) you will probably run into some deliverability problems. As antispam filters become more and more severe, only a dedicated SMTP service can guarantee that all your emails get correctly to the intended inboxes without getting lost or rejected.