Mass Mailing Software Vs web-based compared savings

When it comes to email marketing, it's very important to establish what is the most cost effective solution for managing and sending your newsletter. First, you must decide whether to opt for a mass mailing software to be used on your computer, or to rely on a web service.

The main difference is that with an online service you will have to pay a fixed fee depending on the amount of addresses and messages that you handle each month; while with a software that cost is zero, since the license is purchased with a single payment and no other recurring fees.

Now let's crunch some numbers with an example.

Let's say we have a list of about 7,000 members to whom we send four promotional emails per month: that'll be 28,000 newsletters per month, or 336,000 per year. Below is a table that compares the costs of the most popular online services, highlighting the savings that you can get by choosing Sendblaster. The price of the software already includes the use of a professional SMTP server, turboSMTP:


SendBlaster + turboSMTP 207 euro 108 euro
MailUp from 336 to 2046 euro
(depending on the email size and speed of sending)
from 336 to 2046 euro
(depending on the email size and speed of sending)
MailChimp 682 euro 682 euro
Campaign Monitor 789 euro 789 euro
aWeber 586 euro 586 euro


As you can see, the price of the following years is further lowered because the license SendBlaster is a one-time cost.

And here's a graph that represents even better the actual savings that Sendblaster guarantees for the management of an of email marketing campaign:


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