Emailing software

Emailing softwares are used to send mass emails to large mailing lists. The common email software’s CC feature (carbon copy email messages) becomes useless when the email must be sent to many contacts. This is why we developed an emailing software that sends a separate email to each mailing list contact. New mailing list contacts can be added from a website form that sends to SendBlaster’s email management address a special email with the word “subscribe” inside the email’s subject.

emailing software cycle

Emailing software download

 Emailing software free download (24 Mbytes Рzip archive file)

Emailing Features

  • Website Optin integration with php modules, ASP optin and WordPress newsletter plugin
  • imports from Outlook, Excel and Access (via .CSV)
  • bounce back remove
  • email merge
  • HTML graphic editor for newsletter creation
  • Email template full support
  • hybrid email messages (html + text version)
  • mailing list password protection
  • embed media in emailings (jpg, gif, zip)
  • smtp and direct send delivery
  • list filtering for email marketing
  • blacklist support