SendBlaster Free vs Pro comparison table

Features Free edition PRO edition
Number of simultaneous connections 2 100
Send to a maximum of recipients at a time 100 unlimited
Number of lists 2 unlimited
Programmable tags NO YES
Supports file attachments NO YES
Custom attachments NO YES
Segments NO YES
Add calendar events NO YES
List Search engine NO YES
Export mailing list into csv files NO YES
Protection with password NO YES
Domains blacklist NO YES
New templates 150 230
(some responsive templates included)
New categorized templates YES YES
Layout editor YES YES
Crop and replace YES YES
Link checking YES YES
Export HTML with images YES YES
Text snippets YES YES
Drafts YES YES
One-click unsubscribe YES YES
Widgets YES YES
Lists stats YES YES
List merging and moving YES YES
Global unsubscribe and bounce YES YES
ReturnPath address YES YES
History of opt-ins and opt-outs YES YES
Better integration with Google services YES YES
Database backup YES YES
Email blacklist YES YES
Bounced mails processing YES YES
Export unreachable addresses after mailing YES YES
Sending mail through built-in SMTP Mail Server YES YES
Sending mail through ISP YES YES
Don't send duplicate emails YES YES
Create and save personalized templates YES YES
Set CHARSET for Multi Language messages YES YES
Message preview before delivery YES YES
Import messages from EML files with media embedded YES YES
Import messages from HTML files with media embedded YES YES
Multiple connections (Sending many messages at once) YES YES
Integration with mailing list on web site YES YES
Import mailing list from text / csv files YES YES
Import list from Outlook Express YES YES
Import mailing list from web https:// YES YES
Import list from clipboard YES YES
Advanced list filters YES YES
Personalized database fields YES YES
Email merge (create a personalized letter for each recipient) YES YES
Edit mailing list YES YES
One different pop3 account pop3 for each list YES YES
Subscribe/Unsubscribe by E-mail or Web Form YES YES
Record all fields from web form submission YES YES
Printing of lists with print preview YES YES
Create HTML code for Subscribe/Unsubscribe Web Form YES YES
Message with both HTML and Text and/or alternate TXT YES YES
Can send multi-part HTML messages with embedded images YES YES
Unlimited mailing projects YES YES
Catch text from HTML for plain text messages YES YES
Price free one-time fee
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Latest release: 4.4.2 | Release date: 2020/04/10 | Size: 40MB
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