Bulk email software performances


Hello, I have a custmer database of over 5000 custmers will I ba able to send email in 1 go?

Yes, our bulk email software is tested with large email lists (up to 100.000 email addresses databases)


Will the software automatically remove any duplicate e-mail addresses?

Yes, SendBlaster never sends twice to the same email address (unless you put that email address in more distribution lists)


Can I send e-mails part of a list or only a full list?

Yes, you can build, manage and send multiple lists


The speed of sending emails is very important to me, I need a software that can email 1000 email, in 30 minutes or less. While trying your program (that i love, did i mention that i love it ?) I estimated teh speed of sending at the begining at 480 emails per hour (8 emails per minute), which is not what im looking for, but close enough. Then, stranly, later the speed dropped in a very obvious way to arond 150 emails per hour (2-3 emails per minute). I have 2 questions: 1. how can i restore the original speed, and 2. is tehre a way to make the sending proccess faster? wether by the program options and settings, the smtp server, or the ISP provider? Anything that will allow me to send 1000 emails in less than 30 minutes?

Success and speed in send depends to you SMTP service, so if we suppose you have a good internet connection (DSL) a good SMTP server (provided from your ISP) and emails size is around 10 kb, you may use SendBlaster bulk emai software to send around 7.000/10.000 email per hour.


My internet connection speed is 512 KB download / 128 upload , I use the SMTP server of my ISP, and the avg size of each email is 100 kb , how many emails/hour your bulk email program is supposed to send under these conditions?

We strongly suggest you to avoid emails with 100kb, since it is quite heavy, even spam filters may be allerted. Usually customers insert the image file in a web server with a link inside the email message in order to keep message tiny. Moreover speed of send depends in you ISP, you may try sending 100 of those email and check speed. Since Sendblaster Bulk Email Software sends every email separately, we guess you may send around 500 emails per hour with size 100 kb. Obvoiusly 1.000 email x 100kb each one means a total of 100 MB of data to send, that means that your ISP may block you in sending such ammount of data.


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