Brief bulk emailing description

SendBlaster is designed to send in a rapid and automated fashion numerous e-mail messages to several distribution lists. The sophisticated data engine, and the ability to send personalized messages (“Dear Mr. John Smith”, instead of an anonymous “Dear customer”) will allow you to create automated newsletters and ad campaigns. All through a software that runs on your desktop.

Thanks to the SmartSend engine it is possible to send several messages simultaneously, even without an SMTP server, making sending messages safer and easier than through a standard e-mail client. Each message is sent separately. The recipients’ privacy is protected. Using SendBlaster to manage multiple sends is also useful to prevent from accidentally revealing other people’s e-mail address.

The messages can be composed directly into the software, with a complete set of formatting tools, or imported from external files (HTML pages, previously saved .eml messages – for instance from Outlook). The editing and importing functions will allow you to insert images directly into the email message body, therefore avoiding linking to external files (the latest e-mail clients don’t allow it or they will generate a security warning).

The distribution lists management is highly optimized: with a few clicks you’ll be able to create new lists, modify existing ones and import addresses from external sources. It’s possible to import data from:

  • A formatted text file (.csv)
  • Outlook Express
  • The clipboard
  • A web page

It is also possible to receive subscribe/unsubscribe messages on a dedicated e-mail address, different for each distribution list: to subscribe to a list all is needed is to send an e-mail to this address with “Subscribe” in the object field (or “Unsubscribe” to be removed). The software downloads the messages and automatically updates the corresponding distribution lists.

Managing subscriptions through e-mails and the possibility to import data from a web source will allow you to easily add mailing list functionalities to your web site, letting SendBlaster take care of updating the lists and send the messages to the right recipients (therefore avoiding sending messages to people not supposed to receive them).

The distribution list e-mail management is rather sophisticated: the addresses can be enabled or disabled with a single click, and it is possible to filter the data in a very advanced way, based on the contents of one or more fields. Combining these two functionalities will allow you to send messages to a very specific subgroup of addresses in a specific list (for instance, only the people living in a certain area, or the contacts that run a specific business).

The software also recognizes new subscriptions and is therefore possible to send a message only to people who have never received it before. Bounced mails are also processed, so that invalid addresses can be removed or disabled.

The fields can be customized and there are several search options. Each address can be associated with “PostIt” style notes, whose contents are also searchable.


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