Using Bcc for integrating with CRM tools

CRM programs allow businesses to track and manage all their customer relationships, such as leads, sales and customer support, all in a single system.

Are you currently using a CRM tool?

When you send emails using SendBlaster 3 you will be able to forward your outgoing emails to your CRM program, so that all your messages will be added to the customers' records.

This means that even if you are using an external software, such as SendBlaster, to send emails, you will not miss a single customer interaction since they will be “captured” by your CRM tool. A copy of your email will be saved automatically to the corresponding contact record, with no hassles.

All you need to do is enable blind-carbon-copy (Bcc) directly from SendBlaster.


  • open SendBlaster
  • go to Advanced Settings
  • click on Bcc
  • activate the check box
  • enter your email address that will be used to forward your emails to your CRM

We recommend that you use it with caution. If activated, the Bcc function may overload your mailbox!

We invite you to check with your CRM provider if they allow to Bcc external emails into their systems. Currently, most popular CRM tools that allow for tracking of outgoing emails in Bcc are Pipeline, Nutshell and Salesforce, the most widely recognized CRM system in the world.

In particular, if you are a Salesforce user and want to load your emails sent with SendBlaster into Salesforce simply enter your "Email to Salesforce address" in the Bcc field, as described above. This way Salesforce will add them to the Activity History related list.