Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - GDPR

Protecting our users’ privacy is a priority for us, that’s why we take the utmost measures and the best practices for data protection. Our work is based on Privacy by Design.

Our company has already raised our standards, in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For us it is an important step ensuring greater safety to your data.

We are fully aware that users are have their own rights, so we want to help you understand these new rules.

If you want to review the GDPR basic concepts, you can take a look at our guide, written just for you.


Your Data Is Safe With Us

Time ago, our team has implemented some improvements to protect your data and privacy. Therefore, we are already perfectly in line with GDPR.
In the table below, you will find all the details about the work done that permits you to use our products and services safely.

We have nominated a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
We have trained a team involved in data processing and related control activities
Our policy on the rights of Data Subject and the procedures for the proof of consent to process the data have been updated
We have created a detailed and adequate disclosure to the GDPR, easy to understand, in order to let Data Subjects know how to exercise their rights
In case of violation of personal data our response procedures are quick, and take place without any delay after the anomaly has been detected
We have performed the DPIA, which is the evaluation of the impact on data protection
We have applied GDPR principles on various aspects of data processing: activities, objectives, description of the categories of recipients and eventual data transfers
Our technical and organisational measures were consolidated
We guarantee the data portability right of the subject from and to third party systems
The protection level for the data transfer to non EU countries has been reinforced with adequate protocols
Time ago we adopted Privacy by design, to implement efficiently the principles of GDPR in data protection and data processing
On 24 may 2018 we will publish the new disclosure


How To Be In Compliance With GDPR

Using SendBlaster you are both controller and processor of your personal data. Hence, it’s you to decide means and purposes of your data processing and to apply the security measures provided by GDPR.

It’s extremely important that you inform your contacts about the purposes of their data processing. Besides, make sure that the processed data is accessible only by the people who need to have knowledge of it.

SendBlaster is not a tool of data collection, but a mailing software, which is in complete compliance with GDPR rules.

We invite you to take a look at the following table, so that you learn what to do to comply with the new privacy provisions and how to correctly use SendBlaster:

  • You have to provide to your customers and/or users the adequate updated informative in compliance with GDPR
  • Your email lists must contain only verified contacts of those who gave the informed consent of the data
  • Activate the SendBlaster password function to protect your data
  • Protect Your PC with a Password and antivirus: nobody else can have access to your data
  • As a data controller, if a contact requires you to change or delete his data, you must execute the request
  • When you export your data from SendBlaster make sure your data is protected
  • If you use a third party API to process your data, make sure you have an update contract about data processing comply with the GDPR, also tell your users that their data may be tracked (in a non-systematic way)
  • Remember to regularly backup your data on a medium, different from where Sendbaster is installed. This way you can safely recover lost or damaged data in case of data breach.

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