Skapa din egen tillståndsbaserade epost-lista med hjälp av Php Captcha-forumlärskript

The first thing you need to know about email subscription forms is that they always require some server side processing. That is, once your reader fills the form with his details, it will submit the data to the server where your website (and subscription form) are hosted, and this server will generate an email message that will be sent to your address.

Basically, there are two kind of server side technologies supported, PHP and ASP. You will need to find out whether your website supports PHP or ASP, before you decide the type of subscription form you will be using.

You will also need to decide if you would like to use a complete subscription form, or just an email only one. Complete subscription forms allow to collect not only the subscriber's email address but also other information like his name, address, country or other data.

Finally, you'll need to decide whether you would like to use a single or double opt-in process. When you use single opt-in forms, after the subscriber submits his information the subscription is processed immediately; while when using a double opt-in process, the subscriber needs to confirm his choice. This means that when he fills the form, he gets an email with a link to click on to prove his subscription.

Now creating subscription email forms from scratch, be them PHP or ASP based forms, complete or email only forms, and single or double opt-in forms, require some coding skills. So in order to make things easy for SendBlaster users, we have created different types of free subscription forms ready to be customized and used on your website. Each form contains specific installation and configuration instructions, so make sure to follow them carefully.


What if I have a WordPress based website?

If you have a WordPress website, you may use our double opt-in WordPress Widget to collect subscriptions.

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