Lag din egen rettighetsbaserte e-postliste ved hjelp av Php Captcha Form Script

Here you can download one simple free form mail to insert in your web site. This form mail sends an email with data gathered from all the fields to your mailing list management email address (which is the default functionality for a form mail). You can also force mandatory fields. Data may be processed from our mailing software Sendblaster (try bulk email software freeware version). After each customer subsctiption you will find their information right inside your Sendblaster database. In fact you will create a permission based mailing list, whom you will send your newsletter and special offers. This form mail version features:

  • Sends registered users informations directly to mass mailing software database
  • Fully compatible with SendBlaster
  • Captcha anti spam integration (developer)
  • Mandatory fields check (developer)
  • Double optin subscription (sends email before confirmation)
  • Customizable fields (compatiple with SendBlaster custom tags)
  • Free download for php code, html code and css code

Free captcha double optin form mail screenshot

 Download here the complete package (42 Kbytes) included: php, html and css


Fast installation instructions

  1. open and modify the files NL-process.php and NL-confirm.php (just enter your mailing list main email address)
  2. copy the code in the file newsletter.php to your index page.
  3. substitute the [ Company Name ] tags in privacy-policy.htm file with your company name
  4. upload everything in the directory to your website:
  • newsletter.php : php code – to paste in your webpage
  • NL-confirm.php : code – sends to your list each confirmed email address
  • NL-process.php : code – sends the confirmation email to your subscribers
  • NL-style.css : graphical style – no modify needed
  • style2_txt_bg : background image for text fields – no modify needed
  • wforms_pack.js : Open Source Javascript validation routines
  • wforms_validation.js : Open Source Javascript validation routines
  • by-logo.gif : logo image – Your logo here
  • you may need to create an [image] and [classes] directory on your server and place icon-reload.gif in the image directory and place ‘captcha.class.php’ in the classes directory for the anti-spam to show and function and for the reload.gif to show (tnx Rocky 🙂


We thank the people from for Javascript Check fields routines and thanks to for free captcha routines


A brief note about US and European Spam law

The actual approved US CAN-SPAM Act requires an opt-out solution in your emails, this can be enough for American law. Please consider that the European Directive 2002/58/EC is more restrictive and requires mandatory “opt-in” modules to gather the customer emails for email marketing and newsletter subscription. The double optin subscription management is the best way to respect your customer’s privacy.