Mailing Spam Check rate

How to check email spam score before sending? This free software does it all for you. MailingCheck incorporates all the SpamAssassin rules that you need to respect to go straight to your customer’s inbox.


Download Mailing Check


You can download Mailing Check, our free email spam check rate software archive here (right-click on the button, then Save destination as… or Save as… to download):


How Mailing Spam Check Software works

When someone sends a message each email is relayed through a filtering framework. This framework consists of many bits of software, each running a different, specific test.

Each of these tests contributes to an overall SPAM score. The higher the score, the more of the individual tests decided that the message was probably SPAM. The SPAM score, and a summary of the individual tests is placed in the headers of the message before it is sent to its destination. We included all these spam rules in our free software MailingCheck.


Hot Features


  • Absolutely free software download
  • Email content spam checker
  • Email spam rate points result
  • Customizable spam point ranges
  • SpamAssassin engine included
  • Email spam cleaning suggestions included
  • Razor Engine included
  • SURBL blacklists included
  • Can check emails for spam rates before sending
  • Grows bulk email inbox rate
  • Best offline email spam detection tool


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