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  • When downloading subscriptions, SendBlaster says there are new messages but does not recognise them as subscriptions (addresses are not added to the list)

    If apparently valid subscriptions are not processed there may be different reasons: The e-mail address they are sent to is not the address used for managing the list The originating address is already present in the list The wrong list was selected (please remember that each list has a different account) The subscribe message has […]

  • How many times the newsletter software can be downloaded?

    I have more than one computer I need to put this newsletter program on, how many times can I download? Downloads from SendBlaster.com newsletter software website are unlimited and always free. Please also note that each SendBlaster License is lifetime, and valid for a single computer / workstation. How do I put my Send Blaster […]

  • DAO libraries missing files error

    From the customer support: I am testing SENDBLASTER at a NOTEBOOK with Microsoft VISTA. It presented an error “Some DAO libraries were not found on your PC. Please download….”. I download, and installed. It did not work. Uninstalled, cleaned registers, made a new sendblaster instalation, rebooted, installed DAO35SETUP againd and I continue receiving same message… […]

  • Can I change email Pop3 port?

    Sure, this is how to change SendBlaster Pop3 port: servername:port format. As an example, if you want to use “pop3.provider.com” on port 1000, just enter pop3.provider.com:1000 as your Smtp server address. if no port is specified, default port (110) is used for Pop3 connections

  • How do I backup my mailing list data?

      The procedure depends on the release you are using.   SendBlaster 2: SendBlaster 2 keeps your data in the following folder:   MyDocuments\SendBlaster2   You just need to make a backup of this folder   SendBlaster 1: SendBlaster 1 keeps  data in two subfolders:   (program folder)/data (program folder)/history    where (program folder) means […]

  • SendBlaster license policy

    SendBlaster Pro license key can be used for 1 computer. For 2 or more users you will get a discount staring from 20% (see detailed prices for more information). A license gives the permission to use SendBlaster forever. If you have a SendBlaster 1.x license, you can use your current registration key to upgrade to […]

  • E-mail list segmentation

    A good way to increase the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is to segment the distribution lists. Segmentation means to break a list into two or more smaller lists. Subscribers can be grouped on common interests, personal information or interest in previous campaigns etc. By doing this you can organize communications focused on the […]

  • How can I add to SendBlaster new contacts subscriptions?

    Emails arrived to your management email, that contain the word “Subscribe” inside the subject field will be automatically added to SendBlaster bulk email software when you hit the button “download subscriptions”   SendBlaster can gather new subscriptions from each email contained in a mailbox if the email has the word “subscribe” into the email subject field. […]