Plugins are small external utilities which can be launched from inside SendBlaster’s user interface and add new features to the program.

In order to install a new plugin just click on "Install" button and confirm (run the .msi file); then restart SendBlaster.


Advanced HTML Editor 0.8 updated*  

Release: 0.8
File size: 1.3 Mbyte
Access from: Main toolbars,
Message editing panel


Are you an experienced HTML designer and need more editing power? This is an additional HTML editor which supports DOM and CSS, and allows working with tables and editing many objects and properties.
*Release 0.8 fixes compatibility issues with SendBlaster 3

TrackReports Helper 2  

Release: 2.0
File size: 400 Kbyte
Access from: Main toolbars

Are you using TrackReports beta for tracking your mailings? This plugin lets you download the list of the recipients who opened a message or clicked its links. The list is saved as a csv file, which you can later import into sendBlaster for creating a new, optimized list or updating existing lists.


You can enable or disable any plugin from SendBlaster's "Advanced Settings" panel; in order to completely remove a plugin, you must uninstall it from Windows Control Panel.